To fully enjoy our encounter...

  1. Please be freshly showered (your morning shower does not count) well groomed and have fresh breath.
  2. Please have my consideration already counted and placed in an unsealed envelope in plain sight prior to my arrival. If we are meeting in public please present the consideration to me in a greeting card, gift bag or envelope.
  3. Never talk about money, never discuss or allude to any sexual acts before or during our date, in emails or on the phone.
  4. If you would like to extend our time together and my schedule allows it, please take care of the additional fee immediately. Please be respectful of my time.
  5. Please be a gentlemen at all times. Treat me with respect and you will be generously rewarded.
  6. Do not be inebriated and do not use drugs in my company.
  7. NEVER suggest any behavior that is unsafe or illegal.  
  8. I reserve the right to terminate the date if the aforementioned rules are not observed.